Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Makayla's 5th Birthday

I cant believe it has been 5 yrs since my beautiful angel was born to us on June 10,2005. Where did the time go? From that very moment I held her in my arms my heart melted and I was forever in love :) She is my world, my everything. We had a great time with 2 celebrations for our girl. She had a smaller party on her birthday and a bigger celebration this past saturday. She is such a lucky little girl with all the love and support from family and friends. She enjoyed every minute of her parties. It has been quite the 5 years that for sure. Our little girl was happy and health when she was born, little did we know almost 2 yrs later her life and ours changed forever. We go the news that our little girl has Rett Syndrome. She was developing fine and keeping up til about 18 months of age, she just began to walk and then about a year and half later she lost all of her vocabulary and the use of her hands. She is a fighter and has been doing pretty great the past 5 years. She is 42lbs and is 39 1/2 inches tall. She is growing great, her primary doctor and specialists say she is doing great for her age. She is beginning to get some vocab back, the only words she can say so far is mama and dada, 2 words that melt my heart :) She has a little sister that teaches her so much and Makayla just loves to watch and play with her. I believe in my heart that god sent us Madison for Makayla. Madison is gonna teach her sister so much and bring her out of this I just know it, since Madison has started walking and talking we have seen such an improvement with Makayla's development. I look forward to spending the next 5yrs with her and to see how far she has come. Happy Birthday Angel we love you with all our hearts

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  1. Aww! The last picture is adorable! I have a similar picture with my daughter. It has been gorgeously captured. Our picture is also from her birthday that we celebrated in a very beautiful venue NYC. I would love to share it with you. Anyways, happy birthday to her.