Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer School started

Well Makayla has started her summer school sessions at ken o sha. She is going 3 days a week for 2.5 hrs a day. She just loves school so much i think she really enjoys the bus ride the most. She leaves happy and comes home the same way giggling and smiling.
The have been working with her this past week on using her hands and holding her own cup, she has been doing really good with using her hands well its hand over hand but i'll take anything at this point as long as my little girl gets use out of her hands. THey said she has hit the communication buttons quite a few intentionally!! She makes me soo proud. They usually have swimming at school but this summer they are having issues with there pools water temperature so no swimming this year :( But on the bright side her aunt marci and uncle jay have a huge inground pool that we can use anytime, it does so much for makayla's legs, i have never seen her little legs move so definitely tuckers my little girl out but she sleeps soo well afterwards. She continues to get physical therapy at school which i am wondering if thats enough for her or should i be putting her into some sort of physical therapy through the hospital?? I am debating what to do. we will see how everything goes for a few weeks with the school therapy and i think i will have a chat with them to see what they think as well. Well so far everything is going good today so i am off to take the girls for a little walk on this beautiful day :)

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