Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sorry its been awhile.....

Wow I didnt realize its been so long since I posted a blog. Not to much has been going on just trying to get through the winter and into the spring for nice warmer weather :)
Makayla has been doing really well this winter especially with the yucky germs that go around. We've been pretty lucky we have only had a few times where she hasnt felt very good but nothing too serious...phew counting our lucky stars. She is donig really well with her balance, even her teachers at school have noticed how well she is doing. She recently was fitted for arm braces and let me tell ya she dont like them but i think its helping her in the long run. She has been trying very hard to communicate with us, for instance last night before dinner was done our youngest was sitting at the table with her plate waiting for it to cool off and Makayla came walking over to the table stared at the food and starting making a big fuss to let us know she was hungry too! It was awesome to know she was letting us know what she wanted. Once she was in her seat eat she was perfectly fine and let me tell you she wasted no time in eating...LOL...
Other than that we are just surviving the winter and waiting for spring. We are looking forward to our days outside especially going for walks and bike rides.

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